Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hobart to Melbourne

Hi Everyone

Yes I am still alive and humble apologies for this big delay in writing my blog. Hopefully I can remember what I did nearly a month ago!!

We stayed in Hobart an extra day as the weather was still miserable. On the 22nd we drove to Bruny Island but the weather was so bad we decided not to go, we didn't think it was worth going over there just to sit in the motorhomes. I will have to add that to my itinery on my next trip to Tassie.

We then drove to Cygnet and stayed there the night. Had dinner at the local which was a typical pub meal but it was nice not having to do the dishes.

Next stop was Nubeena which is near Port Arthur. We stayed at the RSL club which was free. We had to pay for showers which was very cheap. Nubeena is a lovely spot, and we were camped very close to the beach which the dogs enjoyed. The weather seems to be improving.

We went to Port Arthur the next day and the sun was shining and there was no wind. Quite a fascinating place and we spent quite a few hours there and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Also saw the memorial for the people killed in the massacre which was very emotional.

From there we headed up the East coast. Stayed at Triabanna which wasn't that exciting. Next was Bicheno which was much better. We went for long walks up to lookouts and along the coast. We also had a scallop pie which wasn't too bad but very small and not many scallops.

We were told by the Cravan Park manager that 'you' could see Fairy Penguins come in without paying to go on a tour. There was another guy in the caravan park who joined us on the trek to see them We got there at 7.30pm ( we decided not to have dinner until after we had seen the penguins) and it was very cold and windy. We did see a baby one in a 'nest', obviosly waiting for mum to come home.After about an hour we thought they weren't coming so stated to leave but then we saw one waddle up the rocky terrain. Unfortunately there was an American who got very excited and frightened it, so it hid in a little cave. We didn't wait to see any more as we were freezing and very hungry.

Linda cooked dinner for us, including the other camper, but it wasn't until 10.30 that we eventually ate. We had had a fair bit of alcohol by then and Linda wasn't feeling very well the next morning. I decided to go to St Helens and Linda stayed another night at Bicheno. The weather again was wet and cold so I drove the 75kms to St Helens and then back again down the same road. I continued onto Swansea and then headed west to Ross. Ross is quite an Historic town and has lots of very old buildings. They also sell the best Scallop Pies, I had to have 2. Linda arrived the next day and on the 30th I headed to Launceston. Linda went back to Deloraine as she planned to stay in Tassie till after Christmas.

I stayed with Kate Grainger, in Launceston. She use to work with 'us' a Pindara but returned to Tassie to get married. She has 2 dogs, one is a West Highland Terrior and the other is a 9 month old Newfoundland, which is huge. I had a great time and was very spoilt.

!st Dec was departure day. It was a strange feeling not having a travelling companion. The boat trip back was OK. I sat next to an elderly gentleman who had been travelling around Tassie for 2 weeks. I did take some scotch with me which I'm sure helped me sleep!!

I've been busy since I arrived here but am not sure what doing. What I mean is the time has flown and I haven't stopped but I've done nothing in particular. Went to Mt Eliza and stayed with friends and have done a fair bit of socilaising and Xmas shopping. Have also helped my sister with her shopping as well.

I'm not sure when my next blog will be but I know it won't be till after xmas. I plan to leave Melb. on the 5th January and hopefully will start back at work on the 5th Feb. what a shock to the system.

I do hope you all have a great Xmas and New Year.

Driving into Hobart

Port Arthur
At the Tesselated Pavement at Pirates Bay
Another friend
Part of the coastline near Devils Arch
Bridge at Ross

Kaiser, Chardy, Mr Darcy and Jackson send lots of xmas wishes

Well that's it. I can't believe my trip is nearly over. Hope everyone is well

Lots of Love

Jo, Kaiser, Chardy and Shiraz
xx     woof    woof         woof

Monday, November 21, 2011

Now in Hobart

Hi Everyone

Sorry about the last blog, hopefully this one will be OK.

We went on the Arthur River Cruise which was quite pleasant but after a while it all looked the same. The weather held off but by the time we were half way home, the wind came up and it turned extremely cold. Took photos of a sea eagle and some wallabies which were at the area where we had lunch, a bar b que with cask wine!! ( the wallabies not the sea eagle )

The next day we left for Stanley but once again the weather wasn't very good and too windy to go up The Nut in the chairlift. It is a pretty little town, on the beach, but not much there. We planned to buy seafood but there was only frozen stuff except fo Crayfish which are over priced. We left there after we had some lunch and drove to a place called Sisters Beach which is where we stayed at a free park.

Once again the weather wasn't the best but it was a nice place. We did manage to take the dogs for a walk on the beach. We had been in Tassie for 1 week and had only seen the North West corner. I did want to go to Strahan but due to the weather, the windy road to get there and time, I decided it wasn't going to happen this trip. You travel for a long time but don't go very far and in the North West you have to come back on the same roads, all taking up time.

We then decided to drive to Deloraine which is south west of Launceston. It is a historic little town and we stayed at the Apex Caravan Park which is on the river. Took the dogs for a walk through the town which didn't take very long. When we arrived the day was perfect and on went the shorts and t-shirts, but once again the warm weather was short lived. We only stayed one night but if I wasn't on a time limit I would've stayed longer.

Next spot was Arthur Lake which is further south and near the Great Lake. The road was windy ( again) and the rain wasn't helping. It would've been a very picturesque drive if the sun was shining. There is a free park at Arthur Lake which is where we stayed. Actually it wasn't free it cost $4 for the night and $2 for a shower. There were quite a few people and they were there to fish, and were very friendly but didn't offer us any fish! It rained all night but was dry in the morning. We went for a walk and found an Echidna but he wasn't keen to see us. Managed to get a photo but it's of his rear end. The Ecidnas are a little different here they don't have as many spikes and have more fur.

From Arhur Lake we drove to Hobart and are staying at the showgrounds. There are no dog friendly caravan parks in Hobart you have to go 20 or 30kms out. Here at the showgrounds you have to be self sufficent and it's cheap and only 6kms from the city. The weather has been terrible, cold, wet and windy which is very disappointing. Yesterday there was an indoor/outdoor market which was a lot of fun and we didn't have to walk far to get to it.

After lunch we caught the bus into the city, it only cost me $3 for a day ticket because I am a senior!! NO COMMENT please. We walked around but there wasn't a lot to see.We did go to the Lark distillary and tasted some whiskey at $2 a pop and it wasn't even a mouthfull and I couldn't afford to buy a bottle! There are a lot of gorgeous old buildings here. Once again the weather turned nasty so we got very wet. We were going to Bruny Island today but due to the weather we are putting it off till tomorrow, again weather permitting.

That's about it for now, so far so good with the computer, no breakdowns.

Wallabies at the lunch spot at Arthur River
Arthur River - part there of
A slide I went down at Tarkine Forest ( Between Stanley and Arthur River )
Sisters Beach
At Arthur Lake
The Echidna
Well that's it. Hope you are all well. Next blog maybe from Melbourne. I arrive there on the 2nd December.

Lots of Love

Jo, Kaiser, Chardy and Shiraz
xx    woof     woof         woof

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hi everyone

I've had problems with this blog. It comes in 2 pages (plus one that says what I am saying now ) and you will need to read the 2nd page first. I hope you can work it out. The photos are on the first page.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Devonport to Arthur River

Hi again

Sorry this is in 2 parts but the computer "had an error"so I couldn't finish what I started.

Anyway we crossed the Mercey River at a cost of  $2.50 each way, which took 2 minutes at the most, but was easier and quicker than walking our way around. We did some food shopping and that was about it.

Next day we headed for Stanley, which is about 140kms west of Devonport. We drove to Don first, tohave a look at the markets which wasn't as good or big, as we expected. From there we went to Latrobe and visited the House of Anvers Chocolate Factory. Unfortunately, being Sunday, the factory wasn't open so we went to the shop but everthing was very expensive so we left empty handed!! From Latrobe we drove to Sheffield, via the "Cherry Shed" but there were no cherries to buy. The shop sold various things like Cherry Port and Jams but we were'nt interested, all we wanted was fresh cherries.

From Latrobe we drove to Sheffield, where we saw murals covering many of the walls of the town. We didn't see them all but what we saw was impressive. We also saw this man sitting at the pub with an Alpaca / Llama but when we tried to take a photo he obstructed the Alpaca/Llama. We later found out that the guys name was Ludo and often walked around with his 'pet' Alpaca/Llama. Mind you this guy wore a Scottish hat and with a name Ludo, and having a pet Alpacca on a lead, he must be either eccentric or confused about his heritage.

It was lunch time and we still had good intentions of getting to Stanley. After Sheffield we had to drive back to Devonport to get to Stanley. We stopped off at Penguin for a quick photo of the Big Penguin. Obviously the Tasmanian idea of big is nothing like the 'Main Land'. We realised that Stanley wasn't going to be our 'port of call' so drove to Wynyard where we stayed at a free park at the Showgrounds. The grounds are not very big and we did learn that the Caravan Park wasd not happy with the Showgrounds offering free parking so went to the council. "They" came to a comprimise and said only motorhomes can stay at the Showgrounds and all caravans had to go to the caravan park. How lucky are we !!

We planned to go to Stanley today but the weather wasn't too good so decided to drive onto Arthur River. We want to go on the Chairlift to "The Nut" at Stanley but because of the wind and rain decided to continue on. We have to go back through Stanley to get to Strahan ( which is on the west coast, as is Arthur River but you can't get there directly from there. You need to look at a map to know what I mean ) so will hopefully manage to do the chairlift thing then, weather permitting.

We are now at Arthur River and it is quite cold and there is some rain. We have booked onto a River Cruise tomorrow, weather permitting. I'm now wearing  a skivvy, windsheater and tracky pants and hopefully it will be warmer for the cruise.

Travelling in Tassie is quite different to the mainland. The towns are much closer and even though you feel you have travelled a long way, you haven't, if you know what I mean. Haven't met anyone with 2 heads but the people we have come across have been extremely friendly. The scenery is magnificent.

Well that's it for now. hopefully youwill get all the 'blog' as it takes me 'for ever and a day' type' it. Now for some photos, hopefully.
At the best caravan park ever!. David with Jackson, Jennie with Mr Darcy, me with Kaiser, Linda with Chardy and Atlas in the foreground. What a housefull.
Goanna/Monitor at Beechworth ( climbing up a tree ). Quite a magnificent animal.

Leaving Melbourne for Tassie
Linda and I on deck. Bloody cold and windy!!
Kaiser feeling the cold in Devonport

One of the Murals in Sheffield

Me with the Big Penguin in Penguin !

Well that's it once again. Hope everyone is well

Lots of Love

Jo, Kaiser, Chardy and Shiraz
xx    woof     woof         woof

Beechworth to Arthur River, Tassie

Hi everyone

I've had problems with the computer so my blog will be in 2 parts. Hopefully you can follow it.

Lots of love

Us three

Beechworth to Arthur River, Tassie

Hi Everyone

Yes I know late again but when I'm travelling with Linda I don't seem to have the time to write my blog.

We stayed at Beechworth till the Sunday. On Saturday we walked into town to have a look at the Celtic Festival. The bagpipers practiced at the caravan park so we got a personal performance!! Luckily it was 9am and not 7am. We walked around all the food and craft stalls before heading back to the Caravan Park. It was really very hot and we had left the dogs in our motorhomes so were a little concerned about their welfare.

We drove to Glenrowan on Sunday. We didn't go very far as Linda wasn't feeling the best. We stayed at the Glenrowan Caravan Park which was in the middle of nowhere and very peaceful. Also washing machines were only $2.40 and that is the cheapest I have come across, so did a few loads. It wasn't quite so hot but a bit windy. Lots of rabbits and kangaroos much to the delight of all the dogs. We also saw a goanna / monitor  and he/she was quite magnificent, had yellow markings. I'll put a photo on later.

We stayed their 2 nights and then headed to the best caravan park ever! Of course I am talking about my sisters place at Scoresby. Atlas, Linda's dog and one of Jennie's dogs didn't hit it off straight away but by the time we left they put up with each other. Jennie and David were great hosts and spoilt us all ( including dogs ) rotten. I think their dogs were happy to be on their own again, little do they know that Kaiser, Chardy and I are returning in a few weeks!!

Linda and I then drove to the Port to catch the Spirit of Tasmania. We had to drive through the outskirts of Melbourne and I only lost Linda once. We arrived pretty early but we thought the ferry left at 6.30pm not 7.30pm. We took the dogs for a quick wee before we joined the queue to get on board. Linda and I both decided to leave the dogs in the motorhomes for the trip, instead of putting them in cages as we thought they would be happier. Kaiser still has an issue with separation anxiety but felt he would be happier in familiar surroundings, and I think he was.

The trip for Linda and I wasn't too bad. We started off with a bottle of wine EACH and some nibbles ( you are not allowed to drink your own grog ). This helped us to relax and also hopefully was going to allow us to get some sleep as we sat up in recliners. The trip wasn't too bad but didn't get as much sleep as I would've liked. Luckily the seas were fairly calm so the ferry didn't rock too much, a few strange noises though.

We arrived at Devonport at 6.30, and after going through quarantine we got to the caravan park ( which was practically next door ) at 7.30. All dogs were busting to go to the loo so we found a park, just in time. We were pretty washed out for the day so didn't do much which is becoming a regular occurrance! On Saturday we went into the township of Devonport. We caught a ferry from one side of the Mercy 

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Canberra to Beechworth

Hi Everyone

We are now in Beechworth and have been for 2 nights, plan to leave tomorrow.

After cold Canberra we headed for Moama on the boarder.We stayed a night at Jerilderie and then decided to try a free camp at a place called Piper's Reserve. Linda's surname is Piper so we had to go there!!. We had to drive along unsealed road to get there but once there it was great, set right on the Murrumbidgee River. When we arrived we both said that I'd hate to drive along that road if it rained as it was quite soft sand for a couple of kms and with our heavy vehicles it would have been very difficult. Anyway it was quite hot and not a cloud in the sky. We were the only ones there so we chose our spot and after we settled in decided to have a fish. Of course the only things we caught were tree branches or snags in the river. After loosing a few hooks and sinkers we decided to quit whilst we were ahead.

There was a toilet there but not your typical one. There is a photo further down the page. We only used it for no. 2s!! I know too much information!

One other couple turned up but parked a fair way away. We really enjoyed this spot but it would've been better if we had caught a fish. Went to bed and at about 1.45am there was an all mighty storm, rain thunder and lightening. Linda and I then became quite concerned as we didn't think we would be able to get out. After a restless and anxious night we decided to give it a go. It had rained on and off all night but had stopped by the time I got up. The ground was pretty wet but we thought it was now or never. We were pretty nervous and anxious but eventually made it out. Some of the road was very slippery and boggy but we took our time. Talk about breathing sighs of relief.

Off we went to Moama and not realising it was a long weekend ( Melb Cup. ) we eventually found a park that took dogs. It was on the Murray River and there were a large number of speed boats, children and dogs. Too busy for us so only stayed one night. Next morning we went to Gunbower which is 50kms west of Eucha. This Caravan Park was more our type very few people there and quite small but I must admit quite expensive for what it was. The guy said it was high season but $27.50 a night was too much especially when Moama was only $17 and it was on the river. We did stay 2 nights including Melb. Cup day but there was no TAB in town so didn't have a bet.

My phone decided to pack it in so was without it for 2 days. Went to Telstra in Eucha on Wednesday and got a cheap one which at least works. Mine is on contract but can't get another one till next August!! Whilst in Eucha and as all the tourists had gone back to work we decided to go on a paddle steamer. Went for an hour and the dogs were allowed on as well. It wasn't really what we expected but we enjoyed ourselves.

Next was Cobram where we just stayed 1 night on our way to Beecworth. We didn't leave Eucha till 2.30pm so didn't want to travel too far.

Arrived in Beechworth on the 3rd which happened to be Linda's birthday. Can you believe there was a Celtic Festival weekend on so accommadation was "tight". We managed to get one night with power and the next 2 we had no power but that didn't worry us. On the night of the 3rd we did a Ghost Tour of the old Mental Asylum (? spell)  at 8pm. We were the only 2 on the tour and it was very interesting but didn't see any ghosts - a lot of fun.

We have walked into Beechworth, twice, via the bush track. The festival is in full swing and there are people here who are in the pipe bands so practice starts at about 9am. There are also craft and food markets plus lots of Irish Dancing, didn't see any Scottish Dancing, but at least we have had something to do.

Toilet at Pipers Reserve, the free park!!

Trailer load of carp at a town we stopped at. They were having a Carpathon and had caught 220 up to Saturday and still had Sunday to go.
Me on the paddlesteamer. Dogs are also on board.
Our tour guide for the Ghost Tour at the Mental Asylum
The creek along the bush walk from the Caravan Park into Beechworth

Well that's it. My next blog will be from Tassie and I'm really looking forward to seeing the Apple Isle

Hope everyone is well

Lots of Love

Jo, Kaiser, Chardy and Shiraz
xx    woof     woof           woof

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Little Hartley to Canberra

Hello Everyone

At the moment I'm sitting in my 'home' in Gundagai after just having breakfast.

We spent another few days in Little Hartley, house sitting which we enjoyed. Rose and John lent us their ute so that we didn't have to take our 'homes' to Jenolan Caves which was great as the road was very windy and in some parts quite narrow. The cave were an experience I'm glad I didn't miss. There are quite a few of them but we only did a tour of one. It's unbelievable what is underground and I'm sure there are more but who knows where!!

The next day we went to Lithgow to do some shopping - boooring. After doing some housework we left Little Hartley and went to a free park close to Oberon ( which is between Little Hartley and Bathurst ). This 'park' is close to the Fish River and is a very popular spot for the locals. It was quite busy because it was Saturday but a great spot.

Next was Taralga which is just north of Goulburn. We stayed at the showgrounds and when we arrived there was a Gymkana on, so the dogs went a bit crazy with all the horses. After the horses had left a farmer decided to leave some sheep in the showgrounds so we were constantly being serenaded!! Baaaa  Baaaaa. Not only were there sheep but lots and lots of frogs who were somewhere in the creek so as you can imagine sleep didn't come easily. Apart from that Taralga is quite an old town with lots of the old buildings still standing. Had lunch at the local which was very pleasant.

On Monday we drove to Canberra. We paid $25 for a bus tour of the city, which was terrific. You hopped on and off the bus whenever you liked and the ticket lasted 24 hours so you could continue the tour the next day. We visited the usual places, National Art Gallery, Old Parliament House ( didn't bother with the new one ), National Museum and the Australian War Memorial and drove past the Embassies and Prime Ministers Residence. All very educational and more interesting than I anticipated. We couldn't see the War memorial on Tuesday cos Queen Liz was there and the crowd was unbelievable so we went on Wednesday

The weather wasn't the best, wet, cold and windy and of course we are are not used to it. We left there yesterday and drove to Gundagai where the weather was much better. we might stay 2 nights as I want to do washing and housework yuk.

Sharing our lunch at the Jenolan Caves
Inside the Orient Cave
Old house at Taralga
Me supporting the Goverment!!!
Looking towards the War Memorial
Met a 'Gypsie' and her van at The Dog on The Tuckerbox Gundagai. Wouldn't let me take a photo of her cos she wasn't wearing a bra!!!

That's it hope you are all well

Lots of Love

Jo, Kaiser, Chardy and Shiraz
xx    woof    woof            woof

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gold Coast to Little Hartley

Hi There

Here I am in Little Hartley, where you may ask. It's between Katoomba and Lithgow and I'm staying with friends of friends, but have met them before.

I left Gold Coast on Saturday. Doug did some structural work on my scooter, and put in the new shower head. I went out with the girls from work and it was sooo good seeing them all. Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of spare time so couldn't see everyone. I enjoyed my stay but was keen to get going again.

I did plan to go to Yamba as I've heard that it is a lovely spot. According to my Caravan Park book which is a few years old, there were no dog friendly caravan parks so drove to Maclean which is on the Clarence River and west of Yamba. The caravan park was only small but very nice. Took the dogs for walks along the river and saw dolphins and Water Dragons (lizards). Unfortunately the dolphins didn't surface long enough for me to take a photo. I stayed there 2 days and really enjoyed it. The lamposts are painted with different tartans and look quite spectacular.

Next was a free park just north of Kempsey. When I arrived ( it was at a BP Roadhouse) there was no one else, but by 4pm there were a large number of trucks and my little van looked like a matchbox toy surrounded by tonka trucks. I did feel safe.

I have always wanted to go to Port Stephens, why? not sure. I stayed at Caravan Park at Anna Bay but it wasn't near the water. I did drive into Nelson Bay but it isn't Mobile home friendly and found it very difficault to get a park. Anyway I took a couple of photos and walked along the beach.

I then drove to Noraville and stayed the night with the family I met in Port Lincoln. It was great to catch up. There house is on top of a 'cliff ' overlooking the ocean and you just had to walk a short didtance to the beach. The dogs loved it and from the house you could see whales a fair way out, all very pleasant!!

Next was a visit to my niece's at Ettalong Beach. Stayed a couple of nights, met my great niece who was born on my birthday. I always love going there.

I had been in touch with Linda and arranged to meet her at Wisemans Ferry which is in the Blue Mountains, well close to anyway. We then crossed the Hawkesbury River on the ferry and went to the Caravan Park which is also on the river. It was a really lovely spot and Linda and I parked on either side of a covered area which also had a bar b q. The weather was superb and I did a bit fishing as well but only caught a tree. I had to get a fishing licence which was $12 for 1 month. Linda also got one so hopefully we'll get more fishing opportunities. We really enjoyed this caravan park, so friendly and with the river so close it was quite relaxing.

Monday we arrived here at John and Rose's. They own 18 acres, have 2 dogs, 3 chooks, 2 geese, 2 ducks, and 1 cat who has gone to the 'Catery' as John and Rose go away tomorrow. We are allowed to stay for as long as we like. We plan to go to the Jenolan Caves and 3 Sisters and using here as a base, we are so lucky to be able to continue to stay here. Not sure when we will leave.

That's about it for now. Hopefully it won't be too long before I write my next blog.
Clarence River early morning
Lamposts painted in different tartans
A friend
Brach at Nelson Bay
Our site at Wiseman Ferry Caravan Park
Sunset - Hawkesbury River

Till next time, hope you are all well

Lots of Love

Jo, Kaiser, Chardy and Shiraz
xx     woof     woof          woof

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Gladstone to Gold Coast

Hi everyone

Here I am on the  Gold Coast staying with Doug and Maree.

After spending a great time with Josh I then drove to  Boyne Island  ( not far from Gladstone )which isn't really an island but much prettier than Gladstone. I took a couple of photos and then headed for Gin Gin via Seventeen Seventy and Agnes Waters which were very pretty. Arrived at the free park at Gin Gin which is quite big with 2 toilet blocks!!.

Next morning I arrived at Torquay, Hervey Bay. I put my motorhome in Jamie's backyard and had an extension cord 'run' from the house. He is only 600 metres from the beach so the dogs and I walked there twice a day. Unfortunately it is not a dog freindly beach but it was great walking along the esplanade. I stayed with Jamie 2 nights and then went to Tewantin to stay with Julianne. Was there 5 nights and was spoilt rotten.

Friday I went to Buderim and stayed with a friend ( well she is one of my sisters best friends). They had a few visitors for the weekend so it was convenient that I had my own accomodation. Watched the Grand Final, AFL of course, and then drove to Brisbane and stayed with friends there.

I arrived on the Gold Coast on Sunday and Josh was there so we all went out to dinner i.e. Lachlan, Libbee, Josh, Ann and Phil and their son Rhys and his partner. Had a great meal. Over the next couple of days I had my hair tipped, saw the Tax man, visited friends and tonight I'm going out to dinner with the girls from work.

Not sure when I will leave here, hopefully Friday or Saturday. I'm not ready to finish my adventure and am extremely keen to continue. It's been great staying with Doug and Maree.

You will have to wait till my next blog to found out where I'm heading as I don't know myself at this stage. I think I'll be catching up with Linda at some stage, the last time I texted her she was heading for Tamworth.

Seventeen Seventy
 Torquay, Hervey Bay
Noosa Beach
Noosa River

Well that's it. Who knows when I will next get to add to this blog but hopefully it won't be too long

Hope everyone is well

Lots of Love

Jo, Kaiser, Chardy and Shiraz
xx     woof    woof         woof

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Now in Gladstone

Hi All

Here I am in Gladstone with Josh.

After leaving O'Çonnell River I went to McKay but there wasn't anything there, didn't even take a photo. From there I drove to St Lawrence which is part of the Broadsound Range which probably doesn't mean anything to you cos it didn't to me until I got there. This was a free park at the Recreational Oval and there are showers which you have  pay $1 for a 4 minute shower. This place so clean and I think volunteers look after it. Quite impressive.

Next was Yeppoon which I thoroughly enjoyed. The weather was fantastic and the Caravan Park was very close to 2 beaches, one for general public and the other is a dog beach. The latter was 2kms long but the dogs had to stay on their leads which didn't stop my 2 from swimming. I scootered to the marina which apparently is the largest in Nth Queensland. I met an English couple at the caravan park who I first met in Carnarvon WA. They are also travelling in a Motorhome the same as mine but it is much newer. They are travelling with a Bulldog and they also have a scooter on the back!!

I'm now in Gladstone but Josh wasn't here when I arrived as he was on his way back from Gold Coast. On my way here Chardy started coughing and dryretching. I had given, both of them, chicken necks with their dinner and so I thought part of one was stuck in her throat. I found a vet, here in Gladstone, and the young vet who looked 16!, said that it could be an obstruction or an upper respiratory tract infection but will need an xray. I had to leave her there for 2 hours so Kaiser and I went to a dog park. To cut a long story short, it did turn out to be a 'cold' and Chardy is now on antibiotics and I was left to pay $249.00 ( 140 of that was the xray which is cheaper than an anaesthetic) She certainly is better'

It is great to see Josh. He lives in a 3 bedroom townhouse, on his own. He is not meant to have dogs in the house which is a bit stressful for me, as I have to keep them quiet and every time I go out, I have to make sure no one sees us. Luckily his neighbours are away. I've done lots if washing but haven't had to do any housework as a cleaner comes in once a week - no charge to Josh.

I leave here tomorrow and head for Hervey Bay where I will be staying with a friend's ( Julianne) brother

Marina at Yeppoon

Dog beach - Yeppoon

At Yeppoon Marina

Beach at Yeppoon

Well that's it. Hope everyone is well

Lots of Love

Jo, Kaiser, Chardy and Shiraz
xx    woof     woof         woof

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Toomulla to OÇonnell River

I know I know late again but as I've said before I don't seem to be doing anything exciting.

As you know I'm now travelling on my own which is a bit lonely but I'll cope!

I stayed in Townsville for a couple of days. I've been there before but had planned to visit a friends daughter who I haven't seen for many years. Her mum and I nursed together and as Paz ( mother)  is from the Phillipines, my parents became her parents here in Oz. Anyway I thought Rebecca was still in Townsville and we talked on the phone. It wasn't until we arranged to meet that I realised she lives in Cairns!!! boy how embarrassing and it shows you how well I communicated with Paz!

Whilst in Townsville I took the dogs for a walk. The caravan park was on a main road and in the afternoon the cars are bumper to bumper. Well suddenly there were 2 dogs 'attacking' my two. I had no idea where they came from but I was quite anxious. They weren't really viscious ( ? spelling ) but my 2 were pretty scared.  Chardy who was quite distressed, and Kaiser tried to protect her - nthe hero!!. Apparently the dogs jumped out of  one of the cars ( the windows were down) and the owner was screaming at them. Another car stopped and she was with the RSPCA and checked out my 2 and told the other lady that she could be fined and loose 3 demerit points for not having her dogs restrained. Here I am having travelled 23,000kms and I'm ashamed to say, my 2 haven't been restrained!! Kaiser and Chardy then refused to continue the walk, they wanted to get back to the security of the motorhome., so did.

So after Townsville I drove to Ayr, where I thought I would stay. I did a detour to a place called Alva which is 15kms east of Ayr. It was a great place. It's on the coast and the caravan park is only small and luckily for me a lot of people had left. It was 150mtrs from the beach and the dogs loved being off the lead and being able to run around. They also enjoyed swimming. I stayed there 4 nights and a lady, who lives there, sold fresh fruit and veges - 5 x bananas - $1, 2 x avocados (decent size) - $1, whole pumpkin - $1, a large bag of small ( for pickling ) onions - 50cents, plus other veges.

From there I went to Bowen where it was really windy. My motorhome backed onto the beach so I was hoping the wind wouldn't be around the next day. One guy at the park said that Bowen is known as 'Blowy Bowen' .

The next day was perfect. I took the scooter off and rode to Horseshoe Bay which really is magnificent, water, crystal clear and perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Did a bit of a walk, around the 'point', and then went to the Co-Op shop and bought some fresh fish which I cooked that night and was delicious.

I left Bowen this morning and drove to Airlie Beach and Shute Harbour. These areas are very touristy, with prices to match, so decided not to stay. I'm now at OÇonnell River which is 22kms south of Prosperpine and is very pleasant. I'll probably stay here 2 nights as it's only $20 per night and the surrounds are very relaxing
 Alva Beach. The ocean is in the background with one of the lagoons in the foreground.
 The kids
 Sunset from Bowen
 Horseshoe Bay
.View from my Motorhome

Well that's it. Hope you weren't too bored. Till next time

Lots of Love

Jo, Kaiser, Chardy and Shiraz
xx     woof    woof          woof