Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hobart to Melbourne

Hi Everyone

Yes I am still alive and humble apologies for this big delay in writing my blog. Hopefully I can remember what I did nearly a month ago!!

We stayed in Hobart an extra day as the weather was still miserable. On the 22nd we drove to Bruny Island but the weather was so bad we decided not to go, we didn't think it was worth going over there just to sit in the motorhomes. I will have to add that to my itinery on my next trip to Tassie.

We then drove to Cygnet and stayed there the night. Had dinner at the local which was a typical pub meal but it was nice not having to do the dishes.

Next stop was Nubeena which is near Port Arthur. We stayed at the RSL club which was free. We had to pay for showers which was very cheap. Nubeena is a lovely spot, and we were camped very close to the beach which the dogs enjoyed. The weather seems to be improving.

We went to Port Arthur the next day and the sun was shining and there was no wind. Quite a fascinating place and we spent quite a few hours there and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Also saw the memorial for the people killed in the massacre which was very emotional.

From there we headed up the East coast. Stayed at Triabanna which wasn't that exciting. Next was Bicheno which was much better. We went for long walks up to lookouts and along the coast. We also had a scallop pie which wasn't too bad but very small and not many scallops.

We were told by the Cravan Park manager that 'you' could see Fairy Penguins come in without paying to go on a tour. There was another guy in the caravan park who joined us on the trek to see them We got there at 7.30pm ( we decided not to have dinner until after we had seen the penguins) and it was very cold and windy. We did see a baby one in a 'nest', obviosly waiting for mum to come home.After about an hour we thought they weren't coming so stated to leave but then we saw one waddle up the rocky terrain. Unfortunately there was an American who got very excited and frightened it, so it hid in a little cave. We didn't wait to see any more as we were freezing and very hungry.

Linda cooked dinner for us, including the other camper, but it wasn't until 10.30 that we eventually ate. We had had a fair bit of alcohol by then and Linda wasn't feeling very well the next morning. I decided to go to St Helens and Linda stayed another night at Bicheno. The weather again was wet and cold so I drove the 75kms to St Helens and then back again down the same road. I continued onto Swansea and then headed west to Ross. Ross is quite an Historic town and has lots of very old buildings. They also sell the best Scallop Pies, I had to have 2. Linda arrived the next day and on the 30th I headed to Launceston. Linda went back to Deloraine as she planned to stay in Tassie till after Christmas.

I stayed with Kate Grainger, in Launceston. She use to work with 'us' a Pindara but returned to Tassie to get married. She has 2 dogs, one is a West Highland Terrior and the other is a 9 month old Newfoundland, which is huge. I had a great time and was very spoilt.

!st Dec was departure day. It was a strange feeling not having a travelling companion. The boat trip back was OK. I sat next to an elderly gentleman who had been travelling around Tassie for 2 weeks. I did take some scotch with me which I'm sure helped me sleep!!

I've been busy since I arrived here but am not sure what doing. What I mean is the time has flown and I haven't stopped but I've done nothing in particular. Went to Mt Eliza and stayed with friends and have done a fair bit of socilaising and Xmas shopping. Have also helped my sister with her shopping as well.

I'm not sure when my next blog will be but I know it won't be till after xmas. I plan to leave Melb. on the 5th January and hopefully will start back at work on the 5th Feb. what a shock to the system.

I do hope you all have a great Xmas and New Year.

Driving into Hobart

Port Arthur
At the Tesselated Pavement at Pirates Bay
Another friend
Part of the coastline near Devils Arch
Bridge at Ross

Kaiser, Chardy, Mr Darcy and Jackson send lots of xmas wishes

Well that's it. I can't believe my trip is nearly over. Hope everyone is well

Lots of Love

Jo, Kaiser, Chardy and Shiraz
xx     woof    woof         woof

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