Monday, November 21, 2011

Now in Hobart

Hi Everyone

Sorry about the last blog, hopefully this one will be OK.

We went on the Arthur River Cruise which was quite pleasant but after a while it all looked the same. The weather held off but by the time we were half way home, the wind came up and it turned extremely cold. Took photos of a sea eagle and some wallabies which were at the area where we had lunch, a bar b que with cask wine!! ( the wallabies not the sea eagle )

The next day we left for Stanley but once again the weather wasn't very good and too windy to go up The Nut in the chairlift. It is a pretty little town, on the beach, but not much there. We planned to buy seafood but there was only frozen stuff except fo Crayfish which are over priced. We left there after we had some lunch and drove to a place called Sisters Beach which is where we stayed at a free park.

Once again the weather wasn't the best but it was a nice place. We did manage to take the dogs for a walk on the beach. We had been in Tassie for 1 week and had only seen the North West corner. I did want to go to Strahan but due to the weather, the windy road to get there and time, I decided it wasn't going to happen this trip. You travel for a long time but don't go very far and in the North West you have to come back on the same roads, all taking up time.

We then decided to drive to Deloraine which is south west of Launceston. It is a historic little town and we stayed at the Apex Caravan Park which is on the river. Took the dogs for a walk through the town which didn't take very long. When we arrived the day was perfect and on went the shorts and t-shirts, but once again the warm weather was short lived. We only stayed one night but if I wasn't on a time limit I would've stayed longer.

Next spot was Arthur Lake which is further south and near the Great Lake. The road was windy ( again) and the rain wasn't helping. It would've been a very picturesque drive if the sun was shining. There is a free park at Arthur Lake which is where we stayed. Actually it wasn't free it cost $4 for the night and $2 for a shower. There were quite a few people and they were there to fish, and were very friendly but didn't offer us any fish! It rained all night but was dry in the morning. We went for a walk and found an Echidna but he wasn't keen to see us. Managed to get a photo but it's of his rear end. The Ecidnas are a little different here they don't have as many spikes and have more fur.

From Arhur Lake we drove to Hobart and are staying at the showgrounds. There are no dog friendly caravan parks in Hobart you have to go 20 or 30kms out. Here at the showgrounds you have to be self sufficent and it's cheap and only 6kms from the city. The weather has been terrible, cold, wet and windy which is very disappointing. Yesterday there was an indoor/outdoor market which was a lot of fun and we didn't have to walk far to get to it.

After lunch we caught the bus into the city, it only cost me $3 for a day ticket because I am a senior!! NO COMMENT please. We walked around but there wasn't a lot to see.We did go to the Lark distillary and tasted some whiskey at $2 a pop and it wasn't even a mouthfull and I couldn't afford to buy a bottle! There are a lot of gorgeous old buildings here. Once again the weather turned nasty so we got very wet. We were going to Bruny Island today but due to the weather we are putting it off till tomorrow, again weather permitting.

That's about it for now, so far so good with the computer, no breakdowns.

Wallabies at the lunch spot at Arthur River
Arthur River - part there of
A slide I went down at Tarkine Forest ( Between Stanley and Arthur River )
Sisters Beach
At Arthur Lake
The Echidna
Well that's it. Hope you are all well. Next blog maybe from Melbourne. I arrive there on the 2nd December.

Lots of Love

Jo, Kaiser, Chardy and Shiraz
xx    woof     woof         woof

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