Sunday, April 24, 2011

Esperance to Leschenault (near Bunbury)

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all having a great Easter and enjoying the extra time off, yes I know some people have to work.

I'm here in Leschenault which is 15 or so minutes from Bunbury. I'm staying with Annette and John and am being spoilt rotten  ( I know I deserve it !!) The reception for mobile phones and wireless internet is very poor here because their house is in bushland surrounded by hills. I'm using their computer so I won't be putting any photos on this blog but will put extra  on the next one.

 I've had 677 photos printed so will start my Albums. I know that's a bit old fashioned but it's what I want to do. Luckily I only had to pay 10cents a print. I will also try and put them on a disc, when I work out how.

My trip from Esperance was uneventful. I got to Kulin to see the Tin Horse Hwy ( that I'm sure I've mentioned ) The difference in the countryside frome Esperance was quite staggering. I left looking at water views and the the salt lakes which there are many. Next was an iron ore mine and the soil was reddish in colour, quite a contrast to the white sand of the beaches. The "greenery" varied from a few Eucalypt trees to bushes that were common on the way to Coober Pedy. After that the countryside was paddocks which had had wheat crops but were now quite bare and stark. Then suddenly I came across a paddock full of grape vines and a sign indicating there was a winery, this was out in the middle of nowhere. There were signs that usually read  ' kangaroos / wombats' for the next 15kms, but these were saying 'Mallee Fowls' for next 15kms. I'm not sure whether these fowls are protected or not and I didn't see any but I thought it odd seeing this on signs.

After the winery I was heading further North/West and the paddocks were very dry and bare. This is a wheat district as I saw quite a few Silos but the land looked so dry. The sheep were the same colour as the ground and it was, sometimes, difficult to see them, they certainly weren't in the best of conditions. There has been very little rain and that was obvious by the low levels of water in the dams. I'm sure this is what the eastern states went through a few years ago.

After taking numerous photos of the tin horses I went to the Caravan Park but it was 'out in theback of nowhere' and the caretaker lived somewhere else, so I just drove out again. The next town was 30 odd kms away so decided to go there. The Caravan Park was behind the police station so that suited me. I was the only one there and it really was a very nice park and I didn't have to wait for a shower! The dogs enjoyed being the 'kings of the castle'.

I arrived here last Thursday but being Easter not much is happening. The dogs are loving the space to run around in and often venture off into the bushland. Annette has shown me a fair bit of the area. We are close to an estuary which is full of black swans, and the paddocks below are full of kangaroos even during the day.
The beach is not too far away but have only ventured there once and that was for a walk, not a swim ( the dogs did though).

 I took the scooter out to-day but it is very windy and not that pleasant. Here at the house it is quite protected and we haven't got any of the wind.

Tomorrow is Monday and John goes back to Perth for work ( I think he works for the labour party but is about to retire ) Annette stays here but I will take her up to Perth on Thursday to be with John and I'm meeting Lachlan. He will be over here, with the car team he works for, as there is a V8 supercar race at the weekend. It will be good to see him.

No more news. Hope everyone is well


Jo, Kaiser, Chardy and Shiraz
xx     woof    woof          woof

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sorry about the mistakes in my last blog. Obviously I didn't proof read it. Hopefully you can work out what I was trying to say.

Norseman to Esperance

Hi from Esperance

This is certainly a lovely place. The beaches are beautiful, sand is so white and the coastline is nearly as good as The Great Ocean Road ( but different) . I didn't mention the weather because yesterday was miserable but today is just perfect.

Yesterday, I washed the dogs and did some housework, because there was nothing else to do. I had to do a proper "house"clean because I had a stowaway. Yes you guessed it, "Martini" the mouse was an unwanted passenger. The dogs were useless, but that doesn't mean I need to travel with a cat!! Anyway I got some 'pellets'in little boxes, from IGA in Norseman (because they didn't have traps) and set them up on the benches ( away from the dogs ). I'm hoping they have worked because I didn't see any droppings this morning.

Today I took the scooter out for a run and went sight seeing. It's nice to have some "me time" as the kids think I need to be with them all the time. Kaiser still lets everyone, in the caravan park, know when I've gone to the bathroom, by being very vocal - NO privacy!

I saw a seal near the jetty here but I have a feeling he/she is a regular as he/she is own there it's own and I don't think ventures far from the jetty. It did enjoy having it's photo taken.

Tomorrow I'm off to Kulin, North West from here, and Tin Horse Hwy. I will only stay there 1 night and then will go to Bunbury. I will then enjoy a week of normality as I'm staying with my brother-in-law's brother and his wife. They are even allowing me and the kids in the nbhouse.

I thought school holidays started, here, last Friday but it's not until this Thursday so after Easter I will have o watch where I'm going to stay.

Well that's it, now time for photos

The camels at Norseman
Just to show you that I was there, a bit of a wave!!!

 Part of Twilight Beach
"Scotch" the seal

 Another view  of Twilight Beach
 The Pink Lake - I'm sure it looks pink of other days

Hope everyone is well. Until next time


Jo, Kaiser, Chardy and Shiraz
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Elliston to Norseman

Hi everyone

Sorry for the delay in updating this but I am so relaxed I forget all about time.
I went to Streaky Bay and it was a great spot. The Caravan Park was on the foreshore and it was lovely seeing the pelicans and seagulls just wandering around. Because it is a bay the water was quite calm and crystal clear as it was at Coffin Bay. I stayed there for 3 nights and had 2 beautiful days out of the 3. I did manage to take the scooter out for a run and went to Bauer Point which was 20kms of DIRT road, from the park and then I had to get back. The road was pretty good so the scooter didn't suffer.
When I arrived there ( at the park ) I met Rochelle and Brad who I first met at Port Lincoln. It was like a mini reunion and it was great to see a familiar face. Kaiser and Chardy were happy to see Dudley and Mollie too. They had been there for a week and were leaving the next day.
The next day, who do you think pulled in, in their caravan? Yes Leanne and Bruce ( from Port Lincoln). Talk about old home week!! They were staying for a few days and had plans to swim with the seals and Dolphins at Baird Bay.
Next was Penong, via Ceduna. I got diesel at Ceduna because it was quite cheap compared with where I had been. I also filled the gerry cans - just in case. Ceduna is a picturesque town and there were quite a few Aboriginees.
Penong is just a town, nothing there except the Caravan Park and it was cheap - $18. Rochelle and Brad were also there and had been for 2 days and Brad had been fishing - 27kms away. He didn't have much luck the first day but managed to catch some the day I was there. We ended up having dinner ( fish of course ) together which was great.
We both left the next morning for Eucla and the crossing of the Nullarbor. The trip was uneventful and there isn't much atbEucla.
I left, this morning, for Norseman and did plan to stay in a free parking area but whenever I arrived at one there was noone else there so didn't feel comfortable being the first. I arrived at Norseman ( which was a 700km trip ) and I'm staying for 2 nites. It is an expensive park $33 per nite but hey who cares!!
Here are some photos

Sunset at Streaky Bay

A friendly native

Part of the Head of the Great Australian Bight
Part of the longest straightest road in Australia - 163kms

That's it. Hope everyone is well and happy

Jo, Kaiser and Chardy
xx    woof        woof

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Port Lincoln to Elliston

Hi Everyone

On Monday 4th April, Rochelle and Brad left the camp site, which left Leanne, Bruce, their 2 kids and myself. That afternoon we all went into Port Lincoln and bought some prawn meat and a King fish, plus I got some oysters. That evening the "boys"lit a bonfire (with permission from the owner) and Brad wrapped the fish up in a few layers of foil and put it in amongst the coals. 15 minutes later we had a beautiful meal of prawns, fish and salad and of course some wine. It was a great evening and it was nice not to be eating on my own.
 Next day I left for Coffin Bay which is only 41kms away so it was a short trip. The park was very nice but they wouldn't allow you to leave dogs alone in your caravan or motorhome, so I couldn't take the scooter out. That meant I walked but unfortunately Kaiser wasn't as keen as me, Chardy would walk for hours. Anyway I did walk a fair bit and managed to find the oyster sheds and purchased 3 doz. at $7 per doz. By this time I was having to carry Kaiser as he refused to walk any further. I suppose that is one way of getting fit, Kaiser in one arm and 3 doz oysters in the other, plus my camera bag!! It was also very hot. Anyway once we got back to the park both dogs slept well and I opened all the oysters which wasn't that difficult. They were delicious and no I didn't eat them all at once. Coffin Bay is a gorgeous place and the water is so crystal clear. Lots of bird life plus there were lots of kangaroos in the caravan park after dark. It really is so different to Port Lincoln and is a great fishing area. One couple I met had been there for 6 1/2 weeks and they are from Coffs Harbour. They come here every year mainly for the fishing, he has his own boat.
The weather was great until the day I left when it became very windy and it stayed that way for the next 160 plus km to Elliston. Once here it was cool and very windy. On Saturday I walked to the jetty, and on it (424 metres) and was nearly blown off, so were the dogs. The jetty is heritage listed and a lot of people fish from it but not today because of the wind. I then took the dogs to the beach and let them off their leads which they love and just run non stop. Kaiser even likes the beach and doesn't stop but I think that's because it is soft under paw!
Tomorrow I head to Streaky Bay and will stay there for 3 nights. I'm hoping to take the scooter for a run and have a good look around.

Coffin Bay - Thursday
 Coffin Bay - Friday the day I left quite windy
 Coffin Bay taken the Thursday
 Jetty at Elliston
The beach we walked along

That's it for another day. Hope you are all well

Lots of Love
Jo, Kaiser, Chardy and Shiraz

Sunday, April 03, 2011

From Coober Pedy to Port Lincoln

Hi everyone

I'm now at Port Lincoln and will be until Tuesday. After leaving Port Augusta, the second time, I travelled to Arno Bay via Whyalla. I only went to Whyalla to use the ATM as Bendigo Bank don't have one in every town. I also did some food shopping.
I then headed further south down the east coast of Eyre Penninsula, to Arno Bay. The caravan park was full for the Thursday nite so I was allowed to camp on their "overflow"section but had to pay $15, because I could use their facilities. Friday nite I managed to get a site with power. On Thursday nites they (the owners of the caravan park) have a sausage sizzle. You pay $2.50 and you can eat as many sausages as you wish. The money goes to a charity. This night they also cooked a huge snapper on the barby and we were allowed to eat that as well. All worth the $2.50!! and I didn't have to cook dinner which is always a bonus.
It was very windy so not so pleasant on the beach, but the dogs loved it. I think Arno Bay must be  good for fishing as most of the campers had rods with them but I think it was a bit too windy to use them.
Next stop is Port Lincoln. I picked out a caravan park that was on a farm, as I'd been staying at a lot that were situated near water and thought a change would be good. What I didn't realise was the 12km dirt road drive to get there. Anyway I wouldn't say it was paradise once I got there but there are only 2 other caravans here so it certainly is peaceful. One couple have 2 dogs, a standard daschaund ( Dudley ) and a miniture ( Molly ) who is only 5 months old and is" game as ned kelly ". The other is a family of 4, who also have a dog (Coco) who I think is a red kelpie dog. Anyway they all get on well together and we let them roam around without a lead. I'm staying here till Tuesday then off to Coffin Bay and oysters yum yum.
I rode my scooter into Port Lincoln to-day( yes on the dirt road ) and had a look around. One of the campers looked after the dogs which was great. On Sundays most shops are closed in Port Lincoln so there wasn't much to do. I did the touristy things, went to the Lincoln Cove Marina ( which accommodates the largest commercial fishing fleet in Australia), also the lookout and drove around the coast road. I was hoping to buy some fresh fish but the shop doesn't open on Sundays! I'll go there on Tuesday on my way to Coffin Bay.
So that's brought you up to date. Tomorrow I'll do nothing, because I'm now used to that, or I might have to do some house work yuk!

This part of the road has been widened because it is used for emegency landings by the Flying Doctor Service.

A view of Lake Hart which I think is a salt lake. It's north of Woomera
Sunrise at Arno Bay

View of Port Lincoln from lookout

Sorry it's up the wrong way. They are unloading king fish into the boxes which are filled with ice. There are 120 fish per box, and there were 18 boxes on this truck.
Well that's it until next time.
Jo, Kaiser, Chardy and Shiraz