Monday, November 14, 2011

Devonport to Arthur River

Hi again

Sorry this is in 2 parts but the computer "had an error"so I couldn't finish what I started.

Anyway we crossed the Mercey River at a cost of  $2.50 each way, which took 2 minutes at the most, but was easier and quicker than walking our way around. We did some food shopping and that was about it.

Next day we headed for Stanley, which is about 140kms west of Devonport. We drove to Don first, tohave a look at the markets which wasn't as good or big, as we expected. From there we went to Latrobe and visited the House of Anvers Chocolate Factory. Unfortunately, being Sunday, the factory wasn't open so we went to the shop but everthing was very expensive so we left empty handed!! From Latrobe we drove to Sheffield, via the "Cherry Shed" but there were no cherries to buy. The shop sold various things like Cherry Port and Jams but we were'nt interested, all we wanted was fresh cherries.

From Latrobe we drove to Sheffield, where we saw murals covering many of the walls of the town. We didn't see them all but what we saw was impressive. We also saw this man sitting at the pub with an Alpaca / Llama but when we tried to take a photo he obstructed the Alpaca/Llama. We later found out that the guys name was Ludo and often walked around with his 'pet' Alpaca/Llama. Mind you this guy wore a Scottish hat and with a name Ludo, and having a pet Alpacca on a lead, he must be either eccentric or confused about his heritage.

It was lunch time and we still had good intentions of getting to Stanley. After Sheffield we had to drive back to Devonport to get to Stanley. We stopped off at Penguin for a quick photo of the Big Penguin. Obviously the Tasmanian idea of big is nothing like the 'Main Land'. We realised that Stanley wasn't going to be our 'port of call' so drove to Wynyard where we stayed at a free park at the Showgrounds. The grounds are not very big and we did learn that the Caravan Park wasd not happy with the Showgrounds offering free parking so went to the council. "They" came to a comprimise and said only motorhomes can stay at the Showgrounds and all caravans had to go to the caravan park. How lucky are we !!

We planned to go to Stanley today but the weather wasn't too good so decided to drive onto Arthur River. We want to go on the Chairlift to "The Nut" at Stanley but because of the wind and rain decided to continue on. We have to go back through Stanley to get to Strahan ( which is on the west coast, as is Arthur River but you can't get there directly from there. You need to look at a map to know what I mean ) so will hopefully manage to do the chairlift thing then, weather permitting.

We are now at Arthur River and it is quite cold and there is some rain. We have booked onto a River Cruise tomorrow, weather permitting. I'm now wearing  a skivvy, windsheater and tracky pants and hopefully it will be warmer for the cruise.

Travelling in Tassie is quite different to the mainland. The towns are much closer and even though you feel you have travelled a long way, you haven't, if you know what I mean. Haven't met anyone with 2 heads but the people we have come across have been extremely friendly. The scenery is magnificent.

Well that's it for now. hopefully youwill get all the 'blog' as it takes me 'for ever and a day' type' it. Now for some photos, hopefully.
At the best caravan park ever!. David with Jackson, Jennie with Mr Darcy, me with Kaiser, Linda with Chardy and Atlas in the foreground. What a housefull.
Goanna/Monitor at Beechworth ( climbing up a tree ). Quite a magnificent animal.

Leaving Melbourne for Tassie
Linda and I on deck. Bloody cold and windy!!
Kaiser feeling the cold in Devonport

One of the Murals in Sheffield

Me with the Big Penguin in Penguin !

Well that's it once again. Hope everyone is well

Lots of Love

Jo, Kaiser, Chardy and Shiraz
xx    woof     woof         woof

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