Saturday, November 05, 2011

Canberra to Beechworth

Hi Everyone

We are now in Beechworth and have been for 2 nights, plan to leave tomorrow.

After cold Canberra we headed for Moama on the boarder.We stayed a night at Jerilderie and then decided to try a free camp at a place called Piper's Reserve. Linda's surname is Piper so we had to go there!!. We had to drive along unsealed road to get there but once there it was great, set right on the Murrumbidgee River. When we arrived we both said that I'd hate to drive along that road if it rained as it was quite soft sand for a couple of kms and with our heavy vehicles it would have been very difficult. Anyway it was quite hot and not a cloud in the sky. We were the only ones there so we chose our spot and after we settled in decided to have a fish. Of course the only things we caught were tree branches or snags in the river. After loosing a few hooks and sinkers we decided to quit whilst we were ahead.

There was a toilet there but not your typical one. There is a photo further down the page. We only used it for no. 2s!! I know too much information!

One other couple turned up but parked a fair way away. We really enjoyed this spot but it would've been better if we had caught a fish. Went to bed and at about 1.45am there was an all mighty storm, rain thunder and lightening. Linda and I then became quite concerned as we didn't think we would be able to get out. After a restless and anxious night we decided to give it a go. It had rained on and off all night but had stopped by the time I got up. The ground was pretty wet but we thought it was now or never. We were pretty nervous and anxious but eventually made it out. Some of the road was very slippery and boggy but we took our time. Talk about breathing sighs of relief.

Off we went to Moama and not realising it was a long weekend ( Melb Cup. ) we eventually found a park that took dogs. It was on the Murray River and there were a large number of speed boats, children and dogs. Too busy for us so only stayed one night. Next morning we went to Gunbower which is 50kms west of Eucha. This Caravan Park was more our type very few people there and quite small but I must admit quite expensive for what it was. The guy said it was high season but $27.50 a night was too much especially when Moama was only $17 and it was on the river. We did stay 2 nights including Melb. Cup day but there was no TAB in town so didn't have a bet.

My phone decided to pack it in so was without it for 2 days. Went to Telstra in Eucha on Wednesday and got a cheap one which at least works. Mine is on contract but can't get another one till next August!! Whilst in Eucha and as all the tourists had gone back to work we decided to go on a paddle steamer. Went for an hour and the dogs were allowed on as well. It wasn't really what we expected but we enjoyed ourselves.

Next was Cobram where we just stayed 1 night on our way to Beecworth. We didn't leave Eucha till 2.30pm so didn't want to travel too far.

Arrived in Beechworth on the 3rd which happened to be Linda's birthday. Can you believe there was a Celtic Festival weekend on so accommadation was "tight". We managed to get one night with power and the next 2 we had no power but that didn't worry us. On the night of the 3rd we did a Ghost Tour of the old Mental Asylum (? spell)  at 8pm. We were the only 2 on the tour and it was very interesting but didn't see any ghosts - a lot of fun.

We have walked into Beechworth, twice, via the bush track. The festival is in full swing and there are people here who are in the pipe bands so practice starts at about 9am. There are also craft and food markets plus lots of Irish Dancing, didn't see any Scottish Dancing, but at least we have had something to do.

Toilet at Pipers Reserve, the free park!!

Trailer load of carp at a town we stopped at. They were having a Carpathon and had caught 220 up to Saturday and still had Sunday to go.
Me on the paddlesteamer. Dogs are also on board.
Our tour guide for the Ghost Tour at the Mental Asylum
The creek along the bush walk from the Caravan Park into Beechworth

Well that's it. My next blog will be from Tassie and I'm really looking forward to seeing the Apple Isle

Hope everyone is well

Lots of Love

Jo, Kaiser, Chardy and Shiraz
xx    woof     woof           woof

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